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4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton
4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton
  • 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton

  • item No : 4k 36ch NVR with 4ch face recogniton
  • 1.Max. 32CH normal + 4ch face detection video input, 1.5U case NVR.
    2.Support 4CH Face comparison at the same time (Front-end can use any ONVIF IPC) 
    3.Support realtime capture, batch import, export face library
    4. Support Face Recognition Blacklist/Whitelist5.                                                                                                           5. Max. can import 50000pcs Face Pictures.
    6.H.265/H.264 Decode, Embedded Linux System
    7.Support Recording, Remote Monitoring, Backup.
    8.Support preview picture and playback picture 12X Digital Zoom
    9.Standard ONVIF、T8S、T8 Protocal.
    10.Support DDNS、EMAIL、UPNP、NTP、P2P etc function.
    11.Support WEB、Mobile Montioring, VMS.
    12.Support external Alarm interface, two way audio intercom
    13.Support our SMART IPC target count, object detection, area detection, virtual line cross detection, audio detection, License Plate Blacklist/Whitelist, Viechle Detection, Face Detection, Fire Detection, Video Diagnoise etc.
    14. Support IPC Centralize Management, including IPC Parameter Config. Message Import/Export
    15.Support Channel Groupping and preview 
    16.Support max. 16ch 1080p recording and playback
    17.Support dual password authorization and zero channel function
    18.Support Mobile Upload Face Pictures
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Detailed description


◆Max. Support 32 +4CH Face Recognition 4K realtime network input, 1.5U Case.
◆Support 4CH Face Comparison at the same time
◆Support Snapshot, Bulk import/export Face Library
◆Support Whitelist/Blacklist Face Sort and can trigger alarm
◆Face Recognition IP Camera Alarm Output Linkage
◆Support 5000pcs Faces Import
◆H.265/H.264,  Embedded Linux Operation System
◆Support Recording, Remote Monitoring, Backup
◆VGA/HDMI Simotenously Output
◆Support Preview and Playback Picture 12X Digital Zoom
◆Standard ONVIF、RTSP、GB28181 Protocol
◆Alarm Snapshot, Alarm Email Linkage
◆Support WEB, Mobile Monitoring, VMS Software
◆Support External Alarm, Two way audio
◆Support TE SMART IPC: Face Recognition/Comparison, Object Count, Object Detection, Area Detection,  Line Crossing, Scene Change, Voice Alarm, License Plate  Blacklist/whitelist, Viecle Detection, Fire Detection, Video Diagnostic etc.
◆Support Hardisk grouping
◆Support NVR Local Smart Analysis (Object Count, Object Detection, Area Detection,  Line Crossing, Scene Change)
◆Support Network Detection (Network Flow Detection, Network Sniff etc.

◆Support Max. 16CH 1080P Video playback
◆Support instant playback function
◆ Dual password authentication                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Video Input Max Support 36CH 4K(4096*2160)
Input Bandwidth 216Mbps
Video Compression H.265 /H.264 /MJPEG
Video Output VGA/HDMI Simotaneously Output
Video Bitrate 16-8000Kbps
Video Resolution 4K/5MP/3MP/1080p/960p/720p/D1/VGA/4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
Screen Split 1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36
Capture Mode Support Schedule Snapshot, Manual Snapshot, JPEG format
Motion Detection Each Picture can set396(22*18)pcs detection area, can set multi-level sensitivity (Need IPC Support)
Audio Compression G.711A
Audio Input 1CH, RCA Interface
Audio Output 1CH, RCA Interface
Talk Back Two way talk back, RCA Interface
Record & Playback
Record Frame 1-30fps
Record Mode Manual/External Alarm/Motion Detection/Schedule/Smart Analysis Alarm
Playback Capacity Support 4CH 4K/5MP/9CH 3MP/16CH 1080P Simotaneously Playback
Playback Mode Normal Playback, Event Playback, Immediate Playback, External File Playback
Record Search Time Search, Date Search, Event Search, Channel Search
Playback Operations Play, Stop, Forward, Backward, 30s Forward, 30s Backward, Fast play, Slow play, Single frame, Hide/Show the Time Bar, Backup, Screenshot, Full screen selection
Storage & Backup
HDD Interface  4pcs SATA
HDD Capacity  Max. Support 8TB
Storage Path Local, Network, NAS, IPSAN
Backup Mode USB Removable Disk, U-Disk, Network Backup, USB Flash
Interface Protocols Onvif、RTSP
Mobile Monitoring Support IOS, Android
WEB Support IE、Chrome、Firefox、Safiri
Face Detection /Face Comparison Support 4CH Face comparison at the same time
Support Snapshot, Bulk import/export Face Library
Support 5000pcs Faces comparison
Support 5000pcs Faces Import
Support Whitelist/Blacklist Face Sort and can trigger alarm
Support face search face to search picture and query recording files
Recognition Rate can reach up to 98percent
Face Recognition IP Camera Alarm Output Linkage
Smart Detection Face Recognition/Comparison, Object Count, Object Detection, Area Detection,  Line Crossing, Scene Change, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Vidoe Shelter, Shelter Alarm etc.
Others  Dual password authentication
External Interface
Network Interface 1pcs RJ45 100M/1000M Self-adaptive Ethernet Port
POE Interface /
Alarm Input 4CH
Alarm Output 4CH
RS-485 Support
USB Interface 1pcs USB2.0,1pcs USB3.0
Power 12V6A
Consumption 35W(Without HDD)
Working Temperature /Humidity -10°C ~ 55°C/10﹪-90﹪
Dimension W430*D318*H67mm
Weight/pcs 6KG(Without HDD)


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